What we do

Orange Capital Partners (OCP) is a European real estate investment and asset management company with offices in Amsterdam (HQ), Dublin, Copenhagen and Helsinki. OCP was founded in 2014 and acts as a joint venture partner for sovereign wealth funds, international pension funds, investment banks and family offices. OCP currently has assets under management of around €5.0b. OCP manages regulated funds (AIFM) since 2019 and it is an active member in both the INREV and the IVBN.

Our investment philosophy

OCP’s investment philosophy is to invest in real estate assets that generate long term, stable cash flows. We target urban locations that are supported by favorable demographics, strong employment growth and a sound economic outlook. OCP currently focusses on two defined investment strategies. Firstly, European residential where we target the affordable housing sector in North-western Europe. And secondly, the retail sector where we target convenience shopping centers in the Netherlands and opportunistic retail acquisitions.

Origination, Underwriting and Execution

Our investment approach is based on a disciplined due diligence process that measures risk while identifying catalysts for adding value to our assets. OCP benefits from a strong network across real estate owners, lenders, intermediaries and municipalities. Our deal team has an excellent track record in executing complex portfolio transactions in a quick and efficient manner. Since inception, the OCP deal team has executed more than 50 transactions.

Asset management

Our asset management team continuously focuses on performance improvement and value add opportunities for our assets. Before a new acquisition, the acquisition and asset management teams work closely together to identify such opportunities. Thereafter, all teams – acquisition, asset management & finance, craft a tailored long term business plan. OCP believes in setting realistic and quantifiable goals. Our finance team, periodically and frequently communicates performance of our assets to our investors, through a transparent and detailed reporting system.