Investment cases


In 2021 OCP increased its presence in the Nordics by acquiring the Finnish Adrian portfolio. The portfolio comprises 1,900 residential units in affordable housing spread across 17 cities and 37 assets and is at the core of OCPs European residential strategy. Although the houses in the portfolio are fundamentally of good quality, OCP will prepare them for the next decades by further modernisation and investing in green-energy initiatives. These projects are expected to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the portfolio as well as further improve the living experience of the tenants.


OCP has acquired multiple (convenience) shopping centers across the Netherlands and is continuously redeveloping them into future proof assets. Stadsdennen is such a convenience shopping center, located in Harderwijk, which OCP acquired in 2018.  After investing significant value-add CAPEX, OCP extended the leases with all tenants. After the center was fully stabilised it was sold to a local real estate investor, who shares our view on the increasing long term stable performance of this asset.


In 2020, OCP acquired in an off-market transaction the One portfolio from Dutch developer Wonam. It comprises 800 residential units spread over five large blocks located in Amsterdam and Utrecht. Two blocks in Amsterdam are in development and acquired with a forward funding structure. The acquisition is unique because of the high quality newly built assets, including the iconic Steltloper, and its 35% share of mid-rental units, the rental segment with largest shortage in The Netherlands. All buildings comply with the highest standards of sustainability and liveability, further adding to OCP’s ESG aspirations.


OCP is always looking for ways to positively contribute to the environmental and social sustainability of its assets and tenants. OCP allocate a portional percentage of investment equity for the development of ESG initiatives. An environmental example is our active engagement with energy savings. Up to spring 2022, OCP have deployed over 9.600 solar panels on the rooftops of OCP assets, thereby saving 1.008.000kg CO2 per year (equivalent carbon footprint to 7.800 one person flights from Amsterdam to London) and we look to add another 2,400 in the remainder of 2022.  

Additionally, OCP is committed through innovation and digitalization of the leasing and asset management processes to enhance the quality of tenant communities. OCP do this through the development of the leasing app, LIV, to provide various digital services, such as smart locks, postboxes and maintenance repair applications. OCP have made similar investments in many other such assets and we are committed to finding innovative ways to positively contribute further.  


In 2018, OCP made its first international acquisition with the Belgrave transaction in Dublin. After an in-depth analysis of multiple European capital cities, OCP selected Dublin because of Dublin’s favorable investment outlook. Dublin is supported by a strong economy, rising employment and influx of both finance and technology companies. Belgrave is a converted portfolio of Georgian townhouses in prime, city-center locations in Dublin. Specifically, the apartments cater to the demand of young professionals, who aspire for affordable housing in city-center.