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Orange Capital Partners firmly believes that good Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) performance is synonymous with good business and will enhance the returns from its investments. In addition, ESG is important to Orange Capital Partners stakeholders and will not only protect asset value but also enhance the positive impact of our assets, which focus on providing essential services to the community.

Orange Capital Partners is committed to being a responsible company that respects the interests of its environment and its stakeholders, including the investors in its funds, shareholders, business counterparties, employees, workers on and users of the assets in which its funds invest and the surrounding local communities. We promote organizational behavior, in line with our ethical beliefs and best industry practice, and by adopting a transparent and pro-active approach to ESG and its implementation.

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OCP ESG Corporate Policy



Orange Capital Partners is compliant to the law, regulation and internal policies such as our Code of Conduct. Orange Capital Partners and its employees will act with integrity. This includes maintaining adequate and up-to-date data and reviewing policies. In accordance with the applicable law, Orange Capital Partners will use its reasonable best effort that legal requirements are met in the jurisdiction of establishment of a partnership and in each jurisdiction in which it operates and raises finance. Orange Capital Partners will seek to manage conflicts of interests fairly, both between itself and its partners and between the different partnerships and different investors and groups of investors. Orange Capital Partners will use its reasonable best effort for adequate protection of investors’ assets, whether it holds assets on behalf of investors or arranges for a third party to do so. Orange Capital Partners will use its reasonable best effort for proper staffing and resources in order to manage the partnerships and the assets under management.

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OCP Code of Conduct